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1911 - A day in the life of the Valley

You never know what you might find when sorting through the boxes in the collection of the Tioga Point Museum. We recently found two boxes containing over 200 glass negatives that had not been cataloged or described. It appears that these images were captured in 1911 and they appear to depict the people, workers, houses, animals and businesses in the Sayre area. We will continue to research the images and hopefully find a way to identify the location of the buildings and perhaps identify the people.

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The Glass slides are photographed on a light table using a Digital camera

Digital image of negative glass plate

Digital image of the Glass Plate negative

The glass negative is converted to a "positive" image and converted to a gray scale image. This image depicts a family posing in what appears to be the Tioga Point Cemetery c.1911. Tioga Point Museum 2018.012.0001

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