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We have many scrapbooks in our collection....one of our projects for this year is to have them all scanned and available on our web page....our goal is to have them with word identification so you can type in a family member or subject matter and it will open up to that page.....your donations will help us accomplish this goal....please consider being a member or donating to the museum.. we receive no state or federal funding ...visit our web page www.tiogapointmuseum.org

We are open Tuesday & Thursday noon - 8pm The 1st Saturday of the month 10am - 1pm

Published in the Evening Times on Dec 8, 1937

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The Tioga Point was founded in January 1895 as the Tioga Point Historical Society. The purpose of the museum as stated in the original incorporation was: "To collect and procure relics and records of local and general interest to the former and present inhabitants of Athens and vicinity; to collect and procure genealogical records of the first settlers and their descendants; and to provide proper care for, the preservation of the relics and records so collected by the maintenance of a museum where they are placed."  Over 120 years later, the Tioga Point Museum continues to live out that purpose.

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