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Portrait Gallery

Our North Room exhibit hall contains a number of portraits of the early settlers of the Athens area. Among the more interesting pieces is a portrait "The Kingsbury Girls" attributed to american artist Susan Waters. Waters was an itinerant artist who traveled the Southern tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania. In 2009, the Tioga Point Museum commissioned the Buffalo State College Art Conservation Department to repair and conserve the painting.

The Kingsbury Girls
Alice Kingsbury
Myra Kingsbury
Farm in Smithfield

Farm in Smithfield

Zuliema Flower Walker

Zuliema Flower Walker b. April 6, 1800 1942.005

Sarah (Sally) Spalding Welles

Sarah (Sally) Spalding Welles b. August 26, 1794 d. December 29, 1877 1895.004

Celestia Hopkins Herrick

Celestia Hopkins Herrick by E. C. Herrick b. March 26, 1792 d. August 28, 1830

Jane B. Walker Kiff

Jane B. Walker Kiff by Joseph Parks 1836 1895.014

Tioga Point by Montalant

Tioga Point by Julius O. Montalant Commissioned by C. F. Welles c 1856 1966.036.0001

Eliza Tyler Herrick

Eliza Tyler Herrick by E. C. Herrick b. July 28, 1813 1895.007

Cynthia Holcomb Shaw

Cynthia Holcomb Shaw by Joseph Parks 4/16/1836 b. 1786 d. April 10, 1868 1895.018

Ebeneezer Shaw

Ebeneezer Shaw at age 65 by Joseph Parks b. September 5, 1771 d. December 19, 1871 1895.019

Sally Ovenshire

Sally Ovenshire c. 1850

Mary Tyler Long

Mary Tyler Long by E. C. Herrick 1895.009

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