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Letter from the War

I love finding letters from the past in our gives us a glimpse into history.

Lt. Comdr. C. V. Chamberlain was stationed in the Marianas Islands his letter was written on December 4th, 1944. He was working 7 days a week and hadn't heard from home for 3 months... A good reminder of the sacrifices our veterans make for us from the past and the present...

Eight superstructure hangars, 130 by 160 feet each, and ten 160-by-190-foot repair hangars were erected for the field. Cooperation between the Army Engineers and the Seabees produced the largest air repair base in the Pacific for the repair of B-29's in the Marianas. The first B-29's landed on November 24, 1944. (taken from Chapter XXVIII Hyper War)

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